Planning ahead when you’re a carer: What’s on offer from Adroit?

2 June 2024

Whether your people care for parents, other relatives, a young person or others they’re close to, planning ahead for their own futures is essential in order to protect everyone’s interests.

Adroit’s comprehensive range of legal and bereavement services support carers in your organisation, providing reassurance that those they care for and about are provided for.

Carers should plan ahead in order to:

  • Set out who will receive their estate when they die
  • Communicate wishes, such as who should receive certain property and setting out funeral plans
  • Appoint someone trusted to make decisions on the carer’s behalf if they lose capacity to make decisions
  • Make sure trusted people know where to find all the information they’ll need
  • Consider available care options and funding

Services for carers by Adroit and the National Bereavement Service include:

  • Writing a Will & estate planning

Making a Will and estate planning is the most important thing anyone can do for those we leave behind, making sure that estate and property go to the people we choose.

Adroit’s services include Will reviews and Will writing by a panel of specialist Will writers, together with estate planning advice that helps your people to get the most out of their estates.

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney

LPAs offer vital flexibility, protection and reassurance in the event that a person becomes unable to make decisions or act on their own behalf, and are invaluable for anyone who is close to someone who may have been taken ill, who is in care, or who may have lost the physical or mental capacity to look after their own affairs.


Granting Lasting Powers of Attorney with Adroit’s panel specialists, your people will appoint trusted people to act on their behalf so that attorneys can access finances, deal with property and make decisions relating to health and care.

  • Funeral planning & advice

The National Bereavement Service’s professional bereavement advisers provide support not only for those who are bereaved or grieving, but for those who are planning ahead for their own futures.

Access support for funeral planning, find out more about how funeral plans work and speak to experienced advisers for advice relating to your people’s own circumstances.

Where to find advice about care options & funding

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy for social care. Everyone’s needs, preferences and circumstances are different, particularly when it comes to financing the costs of care.

We recommend accessing independent information and guidance which will help your people to navigate the UK’s complex care system and find affordable – and suitable – options to suit carers and those they care for.

Recommended organisations for impartial advice and information from care experts include: 

Adroit webinar series

Adroit clients have access to our full range of webinars delivered by our expert panel advisers

Your organisation may choose to support carer colleagues further with webinar topics including:

  • Planning Ahead When You’re A Carer
  • An Invitation to Care
  • The Importance of Powers of Attorney
  • Why You Should Make a Will
  • Understanding Probate

Contact Adroit Legal Services for more information and to book any of our webinars for carers.

This article has been prepared by Adroit Legal Services and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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