Legal & bereavement services for life from Adroit

Supporting your people at every stage of life

Established in 2015, Adroit Legal Services is a complete benefits package provider connecting your people and customers with quality-assured, affordable and accessible private client legal services, and practical and emotional bereavement support, from recognised, trusted and experienced experts.

Using tried and tested legal specialists, and providing training, guidance and free-to-access bereavement advice, Adroit helps your people to navigate life’s challenges and milestones knowing that their family is cared for, their interests protected and their wellbeing enhanced.

With happier, well-supported employees and customers, client organisations enjoy excellent reputations as knowledgeable, caring and in-touch employers and service providers.

Honest & practical help, whatever challenges your people face

Adroit was built through an aspiration by founder, Lisa Lund, to deliver transparent, practical and honest advice to people who need to access all areas of the law, from conveyancing, divorce and family law, to civil disputes and road traffic accidents.

The National Bereavement Service (NBS) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation helping people to plan for what happens when they die, as well as providing emotional and practical support people need following a bereavement.

Adroit offers unique legal and bereavement services as benefits packages for organisations seeking to support their people and customers, providing access to expert legal help whenever it’s needed and delivering specialist expertise in end-of-life planning and bereavement, however difficult the circumstances.

How we work

As an expert in all areas of the law, but with a specific focus on bereavement, Adroit acts as an intermediary that provides customers – whether members of the public or corporate clients – with access to an expert Legal Panel of trusted third parties who deliver our services.

These specialists in the different areas of bereavement provide families and individuals with guidance on the practical side of death – from funeral planning to gaining probate – as well as the emotional aftereffects of loss.

Legal providers aren’t known for their human touch but recognising the growing need for counselling and grief coping mechanisms following the death of a loved one, we developed our own offering which is now available across the UK.

We believe everyone should have access to legal support when it comes to planning for end of life or dealing with loss, which is why we made will writing and estate planning part of our corporate proposition as standard.

We make sensitive, personal conversations exactly that; we communicate in the ways our customers prefer, whether that’s on the telephone, via email or in person. Our most trusted relationships have been built with users who invited us into their homes; we make it our priority to put the customer’s comfort first.

By offering Adroit’s suite of legal and bereavement services, businesses have been able to meet the immediate and long term requirements of their people, ensuring they have the practical and emotional advice they need to navigate a storm. It works to give the user reassurance that their company is supporting them during a difficult time and positions the business as one which cares for its people, above anything else.

Regular customer feedback reassures us that we’re getting it right; you can be assured that no other organisation will give you the same level of customer service or support as Adroit.