So that we can provide a seamless service at times when your employees or customers need advice in lots of different areas, we have hand-selected a panel of legal experts who each specialise in a specific area of the law and bereavement.

Balancing exceptional service with competitive pricing, our Legal Panel is experienced in providing relevant, personal advice in highly emotive situations. Our partners are regularly reviewed and are measured against stringent criteria to ensure we are only providing your people with the best in the business. Our established, long-term relationships with these partners also enable us to offer a heavily discounted rate for their service, compared to that which you might receive from high street firms.

Acting as your broker, we will oversee the activity of the different members of our Legal Panel who are appointed to meet a customer’s unique requirements. Working in true partnership, Adroit and our Legal Panel members will ensure the management of our customer’s case is handled professionally and that any communication is managed sensitively.