National Bereavement Service

Since November 2015, the National Bereavement Service (NBS) has operated as a stand-alone entity to ensure the not-for-profit organisation is run impartially and without commercial influence. It continues to provide guidance on how to plan for what happens when you die, as well as the emotional and practical support needed following the loss of a loved one.

What is the National Bereavement Service?

The death of a family member, friend, employee or colleague can be a truly traumatic time; many people simply don’t know what to do when someone dies. The NBS seeks to answer the questions asked by those who are impacted by loss as clearly and sympathetically as possible, so they know what to do next.

Additionally, it provides practical guidance on the steps you need to take to look after your loved ones, in the event you pass away.

How does the National Bereavement Service help?

Through a comprehensive suite of online, telephone and face-to-face services, we assist individuals and families through the bereavement process ensuring they are equipped with knowledge on how to manage the legal and financial aspects associated with death.

Through Adroit, we can also deploy a panel of legal experts to provide the necessary services required after a person dies; from funeral costs and probate, to estate planning

and inheritance, our hand-picked solicitors and legal consultants are selected for their ability to make the most difficult of conversations easier to have.

As well as the practical elements of dealing with loss, the NBS has also recently launched its bereavement support and counselling service, ensuring the bereaved are also able to cope with the mental and emotional impact of grief.

National Bereavement Service for corporate customers

As well as working directly with members of the public, we provide dedicated bereavement service packages for customers and employees of organisations across the UK, which are tailored to meet the individual requirements of each business.

How is the National Bereavement Service delivered?

Every customer who uses the NBS is welcomed with the reassurance we will take their concerns and worries seriously. This is how we work:

01. Impartially

We explore and explain all the options available to our customers, speaking in simple, plain language to ensure they understand every process.

02. Carefully

We are deeply passionate about making difficult times easier. We find it a privilege to help and support people through bereavement, ensuring they receive the best support at the right time.

03. Transparently

We offer a clear, transparent and fixed-fee pricing structure which won’t change or come with invisible extras.

04. Stringently

Our panel of law and estate planning consultants are hand-picked by us to ensure they adhere to the highest possible service levels.