Facing a dispute? Adroit answers your litigation FAQs

1 May 2024

Whether a dispute has already progressed or the parties are keen to avoid it going further, Adroit’s experienced litigation solicitors help both claimants and defendants to find practical and fair resolutions to common disputes.

Guiding your people through litigation with realistic advice and informed negotiation that protects their interests, our specialists create clear pathways to conclude disputes promptly at affordable rates.

Our team’s answered FAQs about the litigation process, but just get in touch with Adroit for more information on any of our services.

What is civil litigation?

Litigation is the process of taking legal action to resolve a dispute between two parties, whether individuals or companies.

Civil litigation is distinct from criminal law proceedings, focusing on private disputes rather than criminal action.

Which claims does Adroit help with?

Adroit’s litigation specialists advise individuals in a wide range of civil disputes and claims, including:

  • Contract and commercial disputes, such as breach of contract claims
  • Neighbour and boundary disputes
  • Property disputes
  • Consumer issues
  • Debt recovery
  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical negligence

Why choose litigation?

Starting a claim and going through the litigation process is rarely someone’s first choice, but litigation is an effective, formal way of finding a resolution to a dispute.

Through litigation, claimants are often looking for compensation in respect of any losses or damage suffered, but may also be seeking positive enforcement action, such as the recovery of money or goods, prevention of something happening, or the requirement for a specific action to be taken in order to resolve the dispute.

How does the litigation process work?

The Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”) dictate how civil litigation in England and Wales operates, and parties must comply with the Rules relevant to their claim.

The following steps take place during a litigation claim, from the outset of a dispute through to trial, but a claim may be settled privately between the parties at any time bringing the claim to an end. Parties are encouraged throughout to find a resolution, sometimes with the help of mediation, in order to avoid costly court hearings.

  1. Pre-action protocols to explore potential resolution before issue of a claim
  2. Pleadings, including service of the claim, the defence, and a reply by the claimant
  3. Costs and Case Management Conference to set a timetable for the claim
  4. Disclosure of documentary evidence by both parties
  5. Witness statements setting out factual evidence by witnesses
  6. Expert evidence in written reports by either a joint expert or separate experts
  7. Pre-Trial Review to set a date for trial and explore any final opportunity for settlement
  8. Alternative Dispute Resolution through mediation or negotiation to try and find a settlement out of court
  9. Trial, where each party’s case and evidence is heard and after which the judge makes their judgment

How does Adroit help clients with a case? 

Our specialist legal advisers represent clients throughout a litigation claim, whether as claimant or defendant, advising during Pre-Action Protocols and early negotiation to explore whether a settlement is possible before issuing a claim and conducting the case through to trial.

Clients receive a FREE 30-minute initial consultation, and discounted rates on fees as the case progresses.


This article has been prepared by Adroit Legal Services and is not intended to constitute legal advice.

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