How we vet our legal panel, so our partners and customers don’t have to

31 March 2021

The Adroit legal panel is a hand-selected panel of legal experts who each specialise in a specific area of the law and bereavement.

The aim of our legal panel is to provide a seamless service at times when your employees or customers need advice, and we provide the best service we can by selecting only the most trusted and vetted legal firms to join our panel.

To be approved to join the Adroit legal panel, firms need to go through a robust and rigorous due diligence, so that if any of our customers and their employees need to use our legal services, we are able to guarantee that they are in the safest of hands.

Our promise to our customers is that we will provide a bespoke, personal service and we are proud to say that the legal firms on our panel are some of the most established and trusted around.

How we select our legal panel

All the firms that sit on our legal panel are independent, privately owned firms, who balance exceptional service with competitive pricing.

For us, the service of a trusted legal firm, and the experience in providing relevant, personal advice in highly emotive situations, is more important than churning out work and hitting targets, as many of the larger national firms need to do.

We will only consider legal firms who we know take complete care of their clients and that to them, as with us, service is the most important thing.

Each firm on our panel is either a long-term partner, is already known to us, or has come highly recommended. These are just three criteria that need to be met before we start our due diligence.

During the induction process we make it very clear to potential legal firms that the Adroit service levels are some of the highest around and that any firms on our panel must adhere to and work to these levels.

When legal firms first start to work with us, we give them one or two cases and closely monitor how they deal with them and the level of customer service they provide, before we give them further work.

Following this, the legal firms will then work for us for between three-six months before they are invited to join the panel.

Our legal partners are regularly reviewed, once on the panel, and are measured against stringent criteria to ensure we continue to provide our clients with the best in the business.

It’s not easy to make the grade, given we have a very robust service level that legal firms must adhere to. We’re also clear on engagement with firms that we will remove those who do not provide the level of service that we expect.

Why we provide the best service and the highest quality and skill sets.

Adroit acts as a client’s broker. We oversee the activity of the different members of our legal panel who are appointed to meet each client’s unique requirements. Working in true partnership, Adroit and our legal panel members ensure the management of our customer’s cases are handled professionally and that any communication is managed sensitively.

By providing a trusted, reputable, and affordable legal panel we find that the services of our legal firms are often recommended, by our clients and their employees, to their own friends and family. This level of service combined with our discounted rates is a benefit to clients and employees that they are happy to make use of and are grateful for.

Legal providers aren’t known for their human touch but at Adroit we have recognised the growing need for counselling and grief coping mechanisms following the death of a loved one and have developed our own offering and range of legal services which are now available across the UK.