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Accord Legal Services

Areas of expertise:

Private Client, Wills, LPA, Protective Trusts, Court of Protection, Probate

Number of offices/branches:

Head Office – St Helens – Nationwide Coverage for Home Visits

Accreditations and awards:

  • Institute of Professional Will Writers
  • UK Business Hero Award
  • STEP accredited Practice

Tell us about your business:

Accord Legal Services is a national organisation providing best advice and guidance in all estate planning matters.  We have made access to expert advice more accessible than ever with our blended appointment model which includes: home visits, video and telephone calls.  Our expertise includes:

  • Wills
  • Protective Trusts
  • Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Court of Protection Applications
  • Care Fee Planning
  • Probate

What services do you offer to support customers who are dealing with legal issues, or are facing bereavement?

Accord offers a free of charge bereavement support service, offering practical advice for those bereaved and responsible for the administration of a deceased family members estate.  This free advice is often enough to assist an Executor in navigating the estate administration process.

Describe a situation (in your specific area of expertise) that was particularly challenging, and how you helped the client through this difficulty?

We are faced with challenging situations on a daily basis.  We calmly and compassionately deal with all sorts of matters, always putting the client first and ensuring that we take away the burden from them sound in the knowledge that their situation is being delt with in a professional manner.  Examples of these situations include:

  • Dealing With Terminally ill Clients
  • Estranged Family Members
  • Contested Wills
  • Complex IHT Situations
  • Protective Trusts – Ensuring Beneficiaries Receive What is intended With Minimal Loss

What are the benefits to customers of Adroit for using your business?

All of Accords advisors have been personally trained and mentored by Accord CEO Sarah Williams to ensure the highest of standards.  Every client receives a full consultation which includes a review of family structure and estate assets.  A family risk assessment is carried out and mitigation options offered for any risks highlighted.  This ensures that all clients are fully informed and can make an informed choice regarding the level of planning that is right for them.  We offer national home visits with a friendly and gentle approach.

What three words would describe your customer service and approach? 

Professional, Compassionate, Gentle