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Deighton Bowie

Areas of expertise:

  • Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trusts

Year established:

Number of offices/branches:

Years working with Adroit:

Accreditations and awards:
Masters in Human Rights Law
Accredited with the Institute of Professional Will Writers for England, Wales and Scotland

Tell us about your business:

Deighton Bowie is a family-run business, providing legal and consultancy services. We’re not a law firm in the traditional sense; we work to protect the people and things that are precious to our clients and to improve the lives of individuals and communities. Completely client focussed, we tailor our services according to individual need, making sure you have a single key contact and access to specialists who provide the very best service. Our clients trust us to deliver excellent quality with total clarity.

What services do you offer to support customers who are dealing with legal issues, or are facing bereavement?

We offer support to people looking to draft comprehensive wills, as well as those progressing Power of Attorney. We use partner organisations to provide trust planning and probate services, acting as the front end contact. We also offer support for people with learning disabilities, with our team trained in how to manage these complex areas of law in even more sensitive circumstances. We’re often approached by people who have tried all other routes to try and get help; legal advice is often a last resort, but we aim to make the process as simple as possible for people who are struggling, at a difficult time in their life.

Describe a situation that was particularly challenging for a client, and how you helped them through this difficulty?

An elderly customer approached us during lockdown looking for legal support. She was in her 80s, lived in an isolated area of Inverness, had no children to support her and was shielding from Coronavirus. Many of our services are delivered via a cloud-based platform, but this customer had no experience with technology. Keen to still use our services, we supported her in the purchase of a tablet and had our tech team coach her on how to use it – not just so she could access our systems, but also for the other aspects of her life where she could benefit from technology. It’s just part of the rounded service we offer; we take care of customers, especially those who are vulnerable.

What are the benefits to customers of Adroit for using your business?

We often see clients coming to us because they find big city law firms inaccessible. People may have been using the same adviser in their family for years, but because they’re a single individual who isn’t paying a sizeable fee, they’re not prioritised by a bigger firm; there’s no personalised support. That’s where we come in. We provide direct access to our advisers and offer an online system, using a cloud-based platform to conduct interviews, share files and sign documents, for people who live very busy lives.

What three words would describe your customer service and approach?

Accessible, professional and honest.