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Bereavement support & guidance

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  • Founded in 1990
  • The UK’s only lung cancer charity dedicated to helping everyone affected by the disease
  • Funded millions of pounds of essential lung cancer research
  • Largest supplier of information and literature on lung cancer to the NHS
  • Developed more than 50 patient support groups across the UK
  • Fundraising activity focused in the North West of England

The challenge

The Liverpool-based charity gives help and hope to everyone affected by lung cancer – patients with a diagnosis throughout their care, as well as their families, carers and other dependents. Through research, support and prevention, it aims to prevent future generations from getting the disease and challenge the misconceptions surrounding it.

The charity recognised it had a gap in the help and support it was able to provide for those who have lost a loved one to lung cancer. The team was as caring and supportive as possible but didn’t have the specialist skills or practical facilities to deal with the legal support families need immediately following a bereavement, and didn’t feel adequately equipped to handle the emotional challenges this type of loss presents.

The charity was searching for a partner who had the same ethos and values as theirs to provide the reassurance their clients needed at a raw period in their life. They asked us to provide a unique bereavement helpline service delivering impartial and unlimited guidance for patients’ families and carers in a caring, compassionate and professional manner.

We have helped hundreds of patients and their next of kin to access practical guidance, peer support groups and professional counselling either during treatment or following end of life.

The solution

Immediately, we struck up a personal relationship with senior leaders so we could collaborate to achieve its objectives. It was vitally important to us, to gain the trust and confidence of the entire team who are incredibly dedicated to the charity, from the legacy team through to medical professionals delivering care.

We provided an inbound call service with a dedicated telephone number so users could achieve direct access to the team, with bespoke training on how to handle sensitive situations via phone.

Secondly, we implemented our support and counselling service together with NBS online webchat, which enabled us to provide a holistic service for families who are grieving and need emotional support as well as practical guidance on the next steps of the process.

The current COVID-19 pandemic highlighted how vital support services such as the NBS are to families who lose a loved one. At a time when people felt particularly isolated, we provided additional advice on how to support a grieving individual during a time of such global change and uncertainty.

What we did

  • Closely collaborated with the senior leadership team
  • Delivered on-site training sessions as well as hosting conference calls to share examples of successful customer calls
  • Shared case studies with positive outcomes to demonstrate true value from the NBS service
  • Created white labelled, bespoke content to promote the service internally within the charity including a leaflet, website content and community magazine articles
  • Provided weekly management information and fortnightly phone calls during the initial three months of the relationship
  • Added further value by supporting the charity’s corporate will clinics, attending fundraising events and initiating corporate introductions


After four years of working together, we have helped hundreds of patients and their next of kin to access practical guidance, peer support groups and professional counselling either during treatment or following end of life.

As one of the very first users of our counselling service, the charity has continued to develop its partnership with us and is now able to offer the service via a white labelled, NBS online chat function.

“Having met with The National Bereavement Service and Adroit in 2016, it quickly became clear their service was the perfect solution to assist our teams in supporting our bereaved families. Their work goes far beyond bereavement guidance in their efforts to support our patients, medical team and supporters.”

“Their guidance is both free and impartial with the client’s best interests at the very heart of what they do as well as supporting our free Will initiative across the country.”

“Their nationwide coverage and their ability to act quickly compared to the majority coupled with their compassionate nature sets them apart, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to any other service provider. They provide a caring yet professional service which aligns perfectly with our ethos and values as a UK charity.”

Paula Chadwick
Chief Executive – Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation